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What is Diner’s Magazine?

Diner's Magazine is a publication that showcases several of Wichita's premier dining establishments, in a controlled-editorial style. Interviews with owners, managers and chefs, are blended with articles, recipes and photos for a most interesting read. Adding huge value to this unique publication are several hundreds of dollars worth of coupons from the featured restaurants, in the back of each issue. Diner's Magazine is one of the most valuable publications ever distributed in the entire city. Chart Marketing, Inc., a 22-year old advertising agency, marketing firm and publishing company headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, is the publisher.


How do I get a copy?

Each issue is featured in its entirety on-line. While the coupons in the back are watermarked and are not valid, you can see the tremendous values prior to subscribing. After your review, you can purchase the current issue at Kwik Shops, Leeker's Family Foods' locations and Homeland Stores for $9.95 each, or you can purchase an annual subscription here on-line for $29, which includes the current issue plus the next four semi-annual issues, saving more than $20 off the single issue prices.


Are you telling me that I can get more than several hundred dollars worth of coupons at some of the city's finest restaurants, for just $9.95?

Yes, for up to a 40 to 1 or more return on your money for an individual issue (redeem just one coupon and you've got your money back). If you purchase an annual subscription (the current issue plus four semi-annual issues) here on-line for $29, you will save more than $20 off the single-issue prices for up to a 120 to 1 or more return on your money!


What is the "Deal of the Day"?

The ‘Deal of The Day’ is a special offer from one of the restaurants featured in the current issue that is good only today. Once the link is clicked, it appears on screen as a .pdf. You merely print it and take it with you to the restaurant and present it as you would any other coupon offer.


This is awesome! How can I have my favorite restaurants featured in your magazine?

We're glad you asked. If you're interested in your favorite restaurant being featured in our publication, tell the owner or manager to come visit this site and send us a message by clicking on ‘Contact’. Positions are secured on a first come basis. One of our representatives will be in contact.

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